Some photographs from the Earl Ferrers pub in Streatham

The Earl Ferrers is a really nice local boozer in Streatham, south west London, that serves good beer and great food. I particularly like going there for Sunday lunch. Here are some photographs of the pub.

Earl Ferrers is a title in the Peerage of Great Britain. Lord Ferrers killed Mr Johnson, his land-steward, was tried, condemned for murder and hanged at Tyburn on 5 May 1760. 

He is the last British peer to die a felon's death.

Earl Ferrers
Earl Ferrers
Earl Ferrers, globe
Earl Ferrers, menu
Earl Ferrers, pool table
Earl Ferrers, dart board
Floor, Earl Ferrers Public House, Streatham
Books on a table
Table cactus
Lamp with bird motif
Pub menu
Earl Ferrers Public House, Streatham
Bar, Earl Ferrers Public House, Streatham
In the Earl Ferrers Public House