A new showcase for my photographs

I’ve recently created a new page on my tumblr blog for my own photographs, to distinguish them from everything else I post there. Not all of my photos that I’ve posted to tumblr over the years are going to show up, as I’ve had to go back and give them a specific tag, and searching for all of them through the 12,000 posts I’ve made is too daunting. However, going forward, my new photos should appear (as long as I remember to tag them).

Some of the photos I’ve posted to tumblr:

funerary carriage horses
Landscape with pylons #1
The Teton Range, Wyoming
lambeth crematorium open day
A view from Glacier Point, Yosemite

My photo illustrates a Cult of Mac article


This iPhone image is illustrating an article on Cult of Mac about a tumblr photography blog called, um, iPhone Photography.

There are some great photos on the site, which may be a surprise to some because the iPhone (3GS) allegedly has a 'crappy' camera. Actually, for what it is - a 3 megapixel cameraphone chip, it's perfectly adequate - and takes reasonable video as well. I don't use it much as I normally have a camera in my bag, but to take a shot when nothing else is to hand, despite my initial reservations, I think it's fine. It's a significant improvement on the original iPhone's truly crappy effort, though 5 megapixels would have been nicer.