24 things to do before you turn 30: say hi to a large... turtle? (video)

This video of a very large Common Snapping Turtle in Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada, which I shot in 2009, has recently been included in a Buzzfeed video called 24 Things To Do Before You Turn 30.

Nice enough, although it's captioned as 'say hi to a large tortoise', which it isn't, but I would say would be a good thing to do at any time of life. I didn't get to do it until I was 45, and that was OK. And it was a turtle. But anyway.

You get about a second of turtle action at 16 seconds in. I like the sub-heading of the piece, which is 'definitely go pee in every ocean'. Who wouldn't want to do that, at any age?

My video of a Canadian chipmunk on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams (video)

So I was contacted last Friday by NBC Primetime  News, who wanted to use my video of a Chipmunk  that I took three years ago in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, for some reason on the Brian Williams Show 'Rock Center'.

I don't know the context or whatever but it's only 18 seconds long, I never expected to make any money from it, and I quite like Brian Williams, so I thought, why not. At least they asked nicely.