Hello, my name is Miklos Kiss. I live in London and do painting and photography and things like that. I blog occasionally, post to my tumblr frequently and add to my photo journal pretty much every day.

A broken wall from history (journal)

When I was a young lad, a schoolfriend lived in this house up the road from mine in Willesden, northwest London. this wall was there then, over 40 years ago. It's a shame to see it like this.

Remembering Bryce (journal, rendered 3D images)

I remember being blown away by the pioneering Bryce 3D landscape-rendering software when it first came out. Particularly the almost unfathomably complex, multi-layer and deep, deep interface, which felt like the future and the promise of imagined worlds made real, not only in the creation of visual imagery but in the way we manipulate computers.

Adjacent to a movie premier

I happened to be going to the Leicester Square Theatre last night to see a comedy gig. While waiting to go in, I could see and hear the showbiz hullabaloo that was the world premiere of the new Hunger Games movie.

Tree-cutting sequence (journal, photographs)

One morning while at repose, I heard a chainsaw in the street. I tried to ignore it but it was a troublesome and intrusive noise and I wondered what was taking such a hammering. Curiosity got the better of me...

Changes over time (photos, journal)

I happened to be meeting a friend for lunch outside Highbury and Islington Underground Station last Friday and had some time to kill, so I walked round the corner, where it was less busy, looking for something to photograph.

I remembered taking a picture years before in Highbury Station Road...