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I live in London and do painting and photography (mainly photography right now) and things like that.

I blog occasionally, post to my tumblr frequently and add to my photo journal pretty much every day.

My images

… are about the way we live now, the vastness of the world and our place within it, about how we treat other people and animals, and have the power to manipulate the environment regardless of the consequences.

I'm interested in skepticism, rationalism, humanism, sociology, architecture, media, science, technology, industry and history. About recollections of past events, about the inconsistency of memory and the unreliability of perception.

I'm also interested in applications of new technology and scientific theory and the visual representations of such. Also, anything that is interesting, dramatic, mysterious, annoying, beautiful, ugly or surprising.


After graduating from Hornsey School of Art (Middlesex University) in 1985, I was a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow and Artist-in-Residence at Christ's Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex.

I exhibited widely throughout the late 1980's and 90's in major London galleries such as the Serpentine Gallery and the Royal Academythe Contemporary Art Society as well as in many private gallery group shows.

A serious spinal injury in the mid 1990's left me disabled, in chronic pain and unable to paint for many years. I underwent surgery in 1999 and, in time, regained a lot of my mobility and very gradually got back to painting.

Since 2006, I've become very interested in photography and I'm currently working on my first 10,000 photographs.

The Sixth Land

Hearing about other people's dreams is dull, but as this is the very reason for the existence of the Sixth Land, bear with me and I'll keep it short.

So I once had this vivid dream about a place on the coast called the Sixth Land. It was a bit like here, but also different and strange. It was compelling enough for me to remember it clearly for a long time afterwards, and even for it to reoccur in other dreams.

The name thus entered my notebooks as a kind of shorthand for when something unusual or notable caught my eye. It encapsulates the far away; the different and exotic, as well as the mundane and commonplace.