Nile turtle in the Dalyan River (video 1:29, travel, journal)

Nile turtle in the Dalyan River (video 1:29, travel, journal)

This Nile Turtle arrived for breakfast every morning at the Longhouse Inn Hotel by the riverside in Dalyan. It was fed on any leftover eggs (scrambled and boiled). Some establishments on the riverside lure the species with chicken skin in order to attract more customers, a practice which is in fact harmful to this secretive turtle which is unable to digest this food alien to its natural diet. I would imagine eggs aren't great for it to be eating every day either…

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24 things to do before you turn 30: say hi to a large... turtle? (video)

This video of a very large Common Snapping Turtle in Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada, which I shot in 2009, has recently been included in a Buzzfeed video called 24 Things To Do Before You Turn 30.

Nice enough, although it's captioned as 'say hi to a large tortoise', which it isn't, but I would say would be a good thing to do at any time of life. I didn't get to do it until I was 45, and that was OK. And it was a turtle. But anyway.

You get about a second of turtle action at 16 seconds in. I like the sub-heading of the piece, which is 'definitely go pee in every ocean'. Who wouldn't want to do that, at any age?