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Reciprocal linking: 2 sites featuring me (a country torn distant son)

This week I came across a couple of websites featuring my work, Analog: Radio: Transmissionand Flying HighThe first is a site called Analog: Radio: Transmission. The aim of this blog is to draw attention to the relentless technological advancement of 21st Century civilisation. The author states that  the overriding theme “is to show our unyielding tendency towards progress, no matter what the cost. Like a child obsessed with what’s behind the only door that is locked in the creepy house or an adults temptation to press the ‘big red button’, we seem to just have to tinker and look to see what might happen.”

My video ‘Button’ has been used in this entry, and I think it is entirely appropriate and illustrates the theme of the site well.

Kudos toDr Analog.

The second site is a Hungarian website called Flying High (or possibly flying is good). In a section on seaplanes, they’ve featured a video I made of a seaplane flight over San Francisco. Also featured is one of my old paintings.

To my shame, I’ve had to use Google Translate to decipher what is being said, although I know enough to know that it’s a very poor translation. However, I’m going to leave it uncorrected at the end of this post, because, well, I’m lazy, and it has the feeling of certain random, automatic poetic quality that is quite Hungarian in its own way, and emulates the original.

flotsam and jetsam

Flotsam and jetsam


Divided our country into the distance, the son of painter and designer living in London Kiss élménygyűjtéshez Nicholas travels. Globe-trotting, two years ago, one inevitably beleült float planes, even the Golden Gate Bridge and is no longer in operation Alcatraz prison island city of San Francisco. The good old DHC-2 Beaver is still wandering the city center, the in-flight music and  sometimes a bit annoying is returned to the well-off and off when working on engines rumbling voice.

The video should start after a full screen zoom.

Since 1947 the company's operating base in Sausalito since 1994 in the six-way transport of two DeHavilland Canada, that the Beaver is on duty.The Netra also enroll early, as the domain of their seaplane in San Francisco Seaplane Tours and proclaim themselves as such even if they have found the Google search engine. The sightseeing service on the two prices can be found. Shorter 25-minute tour of $160 per person, a 10 minute tour is $50 more expensive. Would be better off if you just add the official video of Nicholas video who is interested in, compare them to other video can be found under the company reported a link under Tour info.

Miklos Kiss goodbye to a picture, find out more about the suggested link for an interview and of course his own side, where even more pictures waiting for visitors.

Finally, plus service announcements, as I write this, we are reluctant public video seaplane sightseeing trips or any other matter not only of our country torn distant son.