A message to myself from a year ago via Photojojo Time Capsule

Wimbledon Stadium, 7.52am
Three wooden posts, Tooting Bec Common
Campus life: vent fluff
Daily commute: driving into rain on the A3

Photos I took a year ago, via Photojojo Time Capsule. A nice reminder of where you were and what you were photographing a year ago via an email with photos pulled in from your flickr account. I find it interesting to see how my technique has evolved, and hopefully improved, and also interesting to see how my subjects have changed.

Sign up  for your own time capsule with your with your email & Flickr account. Photojojo also has lots of nice gadgets and goodies for photographers in their store, from lenses and cases for iPhones to useful rigs for your DSLR and lots in between. Just because it’s a nice object, I’m thinking about getting the DIY twin lens camera kit.