Significant life events: my big operation in 1999

I have found it all but irresistible to record events in my life in Facebook’s new Timeline. Inevitably, this has led to some introspection and assessment of my achievements so far. So I have added the dates of graduation from art schoollandmark trips around the world, that kind of thing. Eventually I realised that one of the most significant events in my life, one that really affected everything about who I am and the kind of life I can lead, was the surgery I had on my spine in 1999.

“I went from being a young man with an occasionally dodgy back to someone who had spinal surgery but remained in chronic pain and with severe physical limitations. It was the beginning of a journey I am still on: coming to terms with accepting that I am disabled; the beginning of years of treatment and therapies, endless pain, adaptations and acceptance of limitations…”