Tree-felling in Istanbul (video 4:26)

Tree-felling in Istanbul (video 4:26)

One morning while vacationing in Istanbul, I heard a chainsaw in the street. I tried to ignore it but it was a really intrusive noise and I wondered what was taking such a hammering. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked out of the window and was shocked to see a man cutting down the large Acacia tree (I think), in the yard of the house opposite…

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A visit to Turkey (photos)

June 2013 - another visit to Turkey to see friends in Istanbul and then to spend some time on the lovely south coast soaking in the rays, swimming in the warm, blue sea and taking some photographs.

Here's a very small selection of the photos from the trip, and you can see the full set of 75 photos, which I've just finished uploading, on Flickr. I've really tried to be discerning and selective about the photos I chose, so have managed to pare the set right down from over 500, for a change. Hopefully, it's a sign of my improvement as a photographer.