A coincidence of chimneys

Thanks to Photojojo  and its Photo Time Capsule, I just found out that on May 11, 2011, I took a photo of some old terracotta chimney pots on my way home from work and posted it to flickr. On the same day exactly a year later, I just happened, unknowingly, to photograph the chimney pots on the other end of the very same house. Now, this isn’t world-shattering news, but it is a coincidence nonetheless and therefore noteworthy...

So a year has made quite a difference. I’m using a new ‘every day’ camera, a Fujifilm X10, which has replaced the Canon G11 I was using year ago.

Although the G11 was a great camera, the X10 is significantly better in terms of sensitivity and image quality. It has helped me to up my game and I think I have improved significantly as a photographer in the last 12 months. Having said that, I am still photographing chimney pots and succumbing to using post-processing filters a little too often! However, with the X10, the majority of the pictures I take could stand up with zero processing — without even a bit of colour correction. This was never the case with the G11.

To date, I have uploaded 6,555 photos to flickr , so I still have some way to go to achieve 

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s benchmark and there is always more learning to be done and more chimneys to photograph.

Tall chimney pots

11 May 2012

Chimney pots and TV aerial

11 May 2011