A new playlist of videos made in Madeira

I’ve just added a new playlist  of the videos I made in Madeira earlier this year. There are 5 short films so far, and I may add one or two more in due course.

Cabo Girão is a lofty sea cliff located along the southern coast of the island of Madeira, in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.

A diamond-shaped sea-cliff escarpment ranging from 560 metres (1,840 ft) to 589 metres (1,932 ft) above sea level, Cabo Girão lies between two river-valleys that flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The escarpment/cliffs extend approximately one kilometre in length and the cliff reaches from approximately three kilometres between the urban sprawl of Câmara de Lobos and the river-valley of Quinta Grande.

Although brochures explain that it is the highest cliff in Europe, at least five European cliffs (Hornelen at 860 metres, Cape Enniberg at 750 metres, Vixía Herbeira at 613 metres, Preikestolen at 604 metres and Slieve League at 601 metres) are higher.

There are terraced fields (Fajãs de Cabo Girão) located below the shear cliffs, and were at one time only accessible by boat. In August 2003, a cable car was installed on the slope of the cliff so farmers can reach these low-lying fields.

The playlist is here. I also took a lot of photos (as usual) of this spectacularly mountainous jewel of the Atlantic.

In the clouds, Madeira

In the clouds, central Madeira