Campus Life photo set added


new page  added to my website with an (ongoing) set of photographs taken at the University of Surrey . I started working here in April and have begun taking pictures around the campus as I go about my business.

As my ‘proper’ camera is usually parked in my bag at my desk, a lot of these are taken with my iPhone. I am currently beguiled by the Hipstamatic app. Its retro-analogue-ness adds some interest to the otherwise often lacklustre iPhone camera.

Campus life: chemical sciences
Campus life: walkways
Campus life: starbucks

I’m posting nearly everything I take at Surrey to this set and there are already 60 images uploaded. If the page starts to creak under the strain, I might limit the number to say the 20 most recent taken, in which case all the rest will always be on

my flicker page for the set