Video: To the reef by glass-bottomed-boat

Heading to Galle from Kalutara, we stopped at Hikkaduwa for a cool drink and a short trip out to the reef by glass-bottomed boat.

This takes only a couple of minutes, and once there, we could see the reef in the glass beneath our feet, with lots of small fish darting about in the turbulent water. Our boatman gave us some dry bread, which we threw in the sea to bring the fish to the surface.

Suddenly we saw, feeding over the reef right next to us, a large sea turtle of some sort , which was lovely to see, having just come from a turtle sanctuary where we'd held tiny little hatchlings in our hands.

Newly added playlist of Sri Lanka videos

Also just posted is a thirteen-second video  of a tame Palm Squirrel. There were lots of these tame little animals all around the Kani Lanka Resort in Kalutara.