Molasses tax: they ruined another good thing

This is annoying, I think. I just got an email from Shisha Pipe UK, where I buy tobacco for my water pipe (shisha / nargile / hookah):

“Due to the English Customs and excise we no longer sell Tobacco Molasses.

Apparently molasses shisha tobacco purchased in the UK from shops in London do not have any import duty paid and is illegal in the UK.

Customs & Excise state that the tobacco import duty is £71.76 per kilogram which would make a 250 gram pack cost in duty alone £17.94”

Is this another case of political correctness gone mad? No it isn’t. It seems it’s the law. But it is irksome. Who knew it was illegal? The tax/duty seems a lot, and this on top of the UK smoking ban which has put a lot of hookah lounges at risk, or even out of business.

I smoke it infrequently, but I would miss it. It’s pleasurable. And ancient. And yes, it is a misconception that a water pipe is used for anything other than perfectly legal tobacco. Isn’t it? More on Wikipedia.