Mediabox for RapidWeaver made easy

Mediabox is a neat bit of javascript that enables lightbox functionality within web pages. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to make this work in my RapidWeaver site as I am still at the bell-end of the coding learning curve. I wasn’t getting very far without clear instructions for RapidWeaver.

But thanks to Christoph Richardet of
Rapid Ideas, implementing Mediabox in a RapidWeaver theme just got very easy, as he has recently posted a link to a set of file sources, a snippet and a manual in the RapidWeaver forums. Download this and you can have images, streaming video or even other web pages overlay over your web page when you click a link. Perfect for noobs like me.

There are several ways to achieve the overlay function (not all of them capable of more than displaying images), such as Lightbox, Greybox and Slimbox, to name just three. As I get a bit more proficient, I’d like to try PrettyPhoto, which suits my current theme better and generally looks, well, pretty, but I’m running up against the same problem of not-quite novice-proof enough guidance on how to make this work with Rapidweaver. Hopefully, someone will provide a downloadable set of files to make this as easy as Christopher has done with Mediabox. Any takers?