Internet Explorer 8 still fails?

I want to put my stuff online in an easily navigable and attractive way for as many people to see as would like to. So this site is built with Rapidweaver and its excellent range of 3rd party plugins. It’s standards compliant  and I like the ease of use so I can throw something together quickly. I’ve just added Mediabox, as I recently blogged. Although I haven’t done comprehensive testing it seems to work fine on both PC’s and Macs and in all browsers.

All that is except for Internet Explorer 8, which seems to break on the video pages that contain the Mediabox code. Why is that? I’m not going waste my time trying to figure it out just now, as it works on everything else. So I urge all you IE users out there to do yourselves a favour and switch to Firefox. Not for my sake you understand. It’s just better. More stuff works on it. It’s as simple as that.

UPDATE 4 September 2008: Working now in IE8 and IE7 hopefully