4 photos taken in Kingsway Underpass

Strand Underpass

Here are four photographs taken inside the Strand Underpass in London.

I went to have lunch with a friend today. He works in Bloomsbury and I was driving up from south London via Waterloo, so I crossed the river using Waterloo Bridge and then took the Strand Underpass to get up to Holborn and Russell Square.

I’ve taken photos as I’ve driven through this tunnel a couple of times before, and once again had my camera out today to shoot a couple more and I’ve posted them all here.

Something about this road tunnel just makes me want to take pictures.

The A301 Strand Underpass allows northbound traffic from Waterloo Bridge heading for the A4200 Kingsway to avoid the Strand and Aldwych. There is no equivalent southbound facility. The underpass utilizes the former Kingsway tram subway which closed for tram use in 1952. The tram subway was converted, and the underpass was constructed, by John Mowlem & Co and opened in 1964.

Tunnel #1
Tunnel #2
daily commute: strand underpass

Physics professors

This is Professor Jim Al-Khalili introducing world-renowned physicist Professor Sir Roger Penrose, guest speaker at the inaugural Lewis Elton Lecture at the University of Surrey on the 16 February 2012.

Profs Jim Al-Khalili and Sir Roger Penrose

A Penrose space-time diagram on the overhead projector during the lecture


According to currently standard cosmology, the universe started with a Big Bang, immediately followed by a fleeting moment of exponential expansion, called “inflation”. Following this it settled down to a more sedate expansion, but due to what is called “dark energy," it is currently commencing a second period of exponential expansion that is expected to continue indefinitely. In this talk I describe an alternative idea, which argues that this picture provides merely one aeon of a continual succession of such aeons. The Universe never collapses in this model, but the remote future of each aeon becomes, when infinitely scaled down, the big bang of the next. Collisions between supermassive black holes in the aeon previous to ours would, according to my model, provide disturbances that should be just about observable in the cosmic microwave background of our own aeon. In this talk I shall describe evidence indicating that these disturbances may actually be present, and possibly providing us with some hint of what the aeon prior to ours may actually have been like. The talk will be largely free of equations, depending mostly on pictures, but a brief summary of the equations needed for the theory will be provided at the end.

London black cab in a collision on the A3 [photo]

On my way to work this morning I saw this accident involving a London black cab and a Transit van near Coombe Lane on the A3  in Kingston. Nobody seemed hurt but the cab was pretty spectacularly totalled. The police had shut two lanes causing a massive tailback on the London-bound carriageway of the A3.

So quite early in the day I had my entry for my daily photo journal in the bag.

London black cab in a collision on the A3