Tree-felling in Istanbul (video 4:26)

One morning while vacationing in Istanbul, I heard a chainsaw in the street. I tried to ignore it but it was a really intrusive noise and I wondered what was taking such a hammering. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked out of the window and was shocked to see a man cutting down the large Acacia tree (I think) in the yard of the house opposite. A large part of the tree was already gone but I grabbed my camera to get some video of the remainder of the tree being so sadly dismembered. (I also took some photographs - in colour - which I posted here).

It all looked very dangerous as the huge limbs and their crowns of leaves crashed onto the roof and into the yard below - with no safety precautions being taken. Within half an hour, the lovely tree was completely gone.

27 September 2014

Additional credits:

Ambient sounds by genghis attenborough

Additional chainsaw sounds by micadoe

Music by sumosalesman