OctoBeardFest day 30 (journal)

Well it's day 30 of OctoBeardFest. The final push...

Here's me at lunchtime today with some fairly respectable growth. Tomorrow is the very last day, and I'd love to get a few more donations to get to my target. This weekend will be the great unbearding so this is the last chance to get a donation in.

Here's a message from Tim Sharp, one of the Trustees of the Prostate Project, the charity I'm fundraising for, from 3 days ago:

"It's like a mini 'Movember' but for beards not moustaches. The big difference is that at least 96 pence of every pound you donate will go straight to the point of need. In our case, the brilliant cancer research team at the the University of Surrey who we have jointly funded from day one. They desperately need more funds to further their pioneering work in vaccine, genes and viral therapy and also to initiate more trials for EN2 - a protein discovered in urine that can detect cancer cells 50% more accurately than the 30 year old PSA test.

On August 23, OctoBeardfest was just an idea. Now we have hundreds of men growing beards for us in the UK and beyond. Our Charity, the Prostate Project, is run entirely by volunteers and has administration costs below 4%. Over the last 15 years we have raised over £6 million. Now there are just 4 days of the Appeal to go. We have raised £34,000 in just 27 days. An astonishing amount of money and beyond my wildest dreams. With your help and others like you, we may even hit £40,000. 

Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated.

Best wishes
Tim Sharp (Trustee)"

So please, please, please, donate if you can spare a couple of quid. This will be the last of me trying to get money out of my friends by the way. This kind of thing is a bit unsavoury but I did it this one time in memory of my dad who died two years ago from prostate cancer. Please visit my Just Giving page for more information and to make a donation.


Day 30: OctoBeardFest