OctoBeardfest under the sea (video)

OctoBeardFest day 19. Bored of taking photos of myself so I just made a video in my realistic (beacause its totally real) undersea lair.

There doesn't seem to be much beard growth since last time but there is actually. It's getting a little bushier and stragglier. When I had a 'tache and goatee-thing as a younger man it was all silky smooth and soft but now I'm old it's all harsh and wiry beacause I'm old so it's all harsh and wiry.

Enormous thanks to Professor Hardev Pandha for his donation. He is the scientist working on the immunotherapy treatments for cancer that I am fundraising for. I was deeply touched that he is supporting me. I'm over half way to my target and I'd love a few more donors. Head over to my justgiving page to read more and make a donation.